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🇺🇸🇺🇸 Bob Moss - 2003 (at this old house)

new house / new dog (at this old house)

Tadd can’t drive 55 (at Yampa River)

cake on a stump #chrisalbawedding

Universal Absense, Unavoidable Presence (at Plus Gallery)

🚬 Cigarette Flannels Quilt 🇺🇸 (at Denver Art Museum)

Monica Sitting with Mondrian (Variation No. 4), 1988 Tom Wesselmann (at Denver Art Museum)

⛺️ (at Denver International Airport)

LFK ✈️ DEN ✈️ SLC (at Grumpy Cat Alley)


Anni Albers in her weaving studio at Black Mountain College, 1937
Photograph by Helen M. Post

happy birthday anni albers, you dream weaver. 

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Images of the New-York Historical Society’s Homefront & Battlefield show about US Civil War quilts and their context. Included in the extensive show is a KKK hood, the noose that killed abolitionist John Brown, and the 19th-century Reconciliation quilt from Brooklyn, which was the most expensive quilt ever sold at auction when it was hammered at Sotheby’s in 1991 for $264,000.