Another place for my brain.


I’m a Degas model today, tralalalala (at Lawrence Arts Center)


Occupy Parking Lots (with Persian Rugs), 2012

Installation View, Dimensions Variable

(via 2cc48a)


Hello from my three day home. #hotellife

Great shirt :)

lurking at the pyramid tonight (at Art and Design Building)

💠 Virginia Jean Cox Mitchell - Kansas quilt block (at Art and Design Building)

Chanté Gossett SS14 Showcase (by Chanté Gossett)
(see me in western wear @ 1:47 to fade out)

bright af 🌕 (at Grumpy Cat Alley)

KU School Of The Arts web page is fronting textiles real hard rn (via SOTA)

Lauren Stindt screen printing yardage, Whitney Matalone’s weavings on the wall